Emily’s dream dress

wedding dress alterations

Luda, thank you so much for your hard work and patience to turn an average wedding dress into my perfect fit and style! More to the point – let it be noted that we designed the lace top months before Kate Middleton stole the idea!

To anyone else considering asking for help with their wedding dress – at my first fitting, the original dress I chose didn’t sit well. While some of the assistants insisted that every bride has to compromise, Luda patiently considered my concerns and ideas for a new design.

At each fitting (it took 5!), Luda would tweak the changes until the tailoring and attention to detail were perfect. Not only did Luda listen to my ideas, she also knew when some of them wouldn’t work – ensuring quality. I really wouldn’t have got my dream dress without Luda’s efforts.


Emily’s Dress required me to insert a boned corset to make the dress more structured and to hold it up. The neckline also required raising. The Bride also wanted her shoulders covered and sleeves added to the dress. Quite a major alteration! However, the end result was lovely.