Wedding Dress Alterations

Our alterations are sensitive, discreet and will ensure you have the perfect fit. We’ll determine whether your dress needs to be taken in, let out, shortened, lengthened or altered. We’ll make sure there is no puckering, bunching or bulging. We will also check stitching, embroidery and beading and make sure they are all in good shape.

Bridal Gown Remodelling

Our expert dressmakers also specialise in bridal gown remodeling. We can bring your dress up to date so that it looks the way you want it. We can remodel the neckline, skirt and sleeves. Whether your dress is brand new or vintage, beaded or lace, we can alter it, tweak it and perfect it for you so that it looks exactly the way you want it.

2 pleated dress b&a

Pleated dress – Before & after alteration

Before and after remodelling

Bodice – Before & after remodelling

Before and after alteration

Bodice – Before & after alteration

2 lace shoulder b&a

Lace shoulder – Before & after remodelling

Wedding Dress Boleros

Wedding Dress Jackets & Bodices

4 bolero1

4 bolero5

4 bolero4

4 bolero3

4 jacket1a

4 bodice1

4 jacket1

4 bodice1a

Wedding Dress Accessories

Wedding Dress Veils

4 sash3

4 ribbon

4 veil lace1

4 veil