Leela’s wedding dress remodelling

Wedding dress remodellingWedding dress remodelling








I have Luda to thank for my beautiful wedding dress and my lovely new cocktail dress. Luda laid the first steps for my wedding dress by fitting the calico and then after the wedding she transformed it into a beautiful and elegant cocktail dress. Her advice and keen eye for detail was invaluable and I felt very lucky to have her expert assistance in making changes to such an important garment.

I had more than a few trepidations when it came to making changes to a wedding dress that I had loved – loved so much that I couldn’t bear to consign it to a box in the attic. If you are considering having your wedding dress altered I highly recommend Luda’s services. She is a brilliant seamstress and a lovely lady as well.

On Leela’s dress we had to shorten the skirt and change all the top stitches(stiching) so that the colour could be mutched evenly across the different fabrics and stitching.